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  • After wetting the bristles and semiconductor with water (saliva is sufficient outdoors - *see note below) brush all surfaces of your tongue without using toothpaste, and especially first thing in the morning after stomach acids have accumulated from sleeping. Brush from the back of tongue (not in the throat!) to the tip of the tongue. You may see discolouration on the bristles (concentrated bacteria and accumulation of acids), and so make sure you rinse bristles with water repeatedly to remove this film. Once you feel the bristles and tongue are adequately clean then you can work on the tooth surfaces as now there will be less concentration of bacteria in your mouth. Bear in mind that the tongue generally carries most of the mouth's bacteria! continue to brush your teeth lightly and thoroughly in the same way as with an ordinary toothbrush. Concentrate on contacting the teeth rather than applying force.This is reason we recommend a MEDIUM head. Unlike a conventional toothbrush, you do not need to brush with force, and so a medium head will penetrate the spaces in between your teeth more efficiently than a soft head and without splaying. Brushing lightly will also be easier on your gums and help fight gengivitis (gum disease/ receding gums).

    *Note: Saliva is sufficient for brushing teeth outdoors, but in this case we don't recommend you brush your tongue outdoors without a source of running water available to clean the bristles.

  • Make certain there is an adequate light source (natural or artificial) necessary to activate the semiconductor. If you are brushing the back teeth surfaces the rod will receive limited direct light. If you close your mouth over the rod then the lack of light will not allow the ionic action to occur. Be aware then that when brushing the back teeth that the light should reach the rod. Open your mouth as wide as possible so that the available light may reach your back teeth. The best option is to move close to a direct light source which will illuminate the inside of your mouth! The brighter the source the better the result. You will notice that your saliva will foam slightly when the toothbrush is working effectively. If you are using toothpaste use very little as this can foam over the rod and block light from reaching it.

  • Make sure you clean the rod after each use. If you live in an area of hard water then carefully remove the handle from the head and clean the rod with bristles (your old toothbrush or a used head).

  • We recommend a natural mouthwash to replace toothpaste and to freshen your breath. A few drops of NATURAL MINT OIL or even OREGANO OIL also works well.

  • Remember not to throw the handle and rod away!

  • SAFETY: Make sure you keep the brush head attached to the handle and rod at all times except during replacement. Never leave the toothbrush or bare handle and rod near young children or infants!

A detailed explanation of the Ionic process, FAQs and further information about the company can be found in this link below.

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Replacing The Brush Head

To keep your Soladey toothbrush operating at maximum efficiency, replace the brush head regularly, as often as you would replace a standard toothbrush. We recommend replacement every 2 to 3 months or when the bristles start to curve outwards. The figure below illustrates the proper method of replacing the brush:

Detachment: Pull the head and handle apart along the axis.

Insertion: Insert the head into the handle firmly.

DO NOT twist and/or bend the head and handle during detachment and insertion.


  • After use, completely rinse toothpaste that may have adhered to the clear plastic neck of the brush head or the semiconductor.

  • Do not separate the brush from the handle except for the purpose of replacement.

  • Never put the semiconductor in the mouth without the brush head.

  • If the semiconductor should become detached, reinsert it into its hole in the handle.


The bacterial population in your mouth has direct impact on your body’s health, the same way that your intestinal flora can influence your general health. With today’s diet it is a challenge to maintain balance. Soladey helps to fight and neutralize the acids that cause bad breath and tooth decay, and the effects can be felt long after you finish brushing!

Drink plenty of water daily to cleanse and assist all bodily functions. Avoid sugars and highly concentrated foods and drinks. A rule of thumb is to seek high water content foods.